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Four Star Cargo Inc Customer Care:

Phone Number: (305) 717-6200
Email ID:
FAX: (305) 477-0790
Headqurters: 7640 NW 63rd Street, Miami FL 33195, USA

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This UPS store has not only awful customer service but also has a counter representative who is aggressively rude. Please go to the nearby Staples. The Staples provided top-notch service and had lovely customer service. It was the polar opposite to the horrible experience at the UPS store.

The worst experience ever. The management is grumpy and they did not help me with the doubts I had. I was asking them to help me out with the return label then he took my box and said that I will return it without a label because I was not able to show him the label. I have never done any return before as I am an international student and all I wanted was some assistance. After that, I left for staples to print the label and they said they will do my return.

Today, I witnessed the most patient representatives in this UPS store in my life. Bravo! Your patience and kindness will eventually pay off. I will recommend this store to everyone I know. Keep the good vibes up 🙂

Of the dozens of times I’ve tired calling, this location does NOT pick up the phone under any circumstance. That really sucks when you have a several thousand dollar item on a vacation hold that you need to pickup.

Would give 0 stars if I could.
Went there to return something to Amazon. The guy at the counter told us they didn’t have appropriate boxes for it, but he would be willing to ship it if we can bring a box before the store closes at 5.30pm. We ran over to another store and got the box. It was around 5.20pm. The guy was closing the store already and actually made a u-turn to avoid us!!!! I mean why bother giving us time if you’re not going to process it anyway??

This morning we, 2 seniors, brought a heavy package (a stationary bike) into the store to return it. Not only did the male employee NOT help us with the door which opens outward, ..he was too busy slapping a pal on the back and joking around…he yelled at us ” Do you have a code? ” We replied yes, he yelled louder…to which we replied “We have a code.”

Whoever owns this franchise needs to visit this location because the employees representing this company are some of the worst in customer service that I have ever encountered. They are so rude, they act like you are bothering them and the music played is very inappropriate. I have given this location more than one chance and every time I have received more then poor service. The territory manager needs to step in to save the reputation of UPS.

There is this guy who works at the Amherst UPS Store who is so rude and awful to customers. I experienced this today. He was the only one in the store and fits the description of the other posts in this review thread. To the owner of this store… Why do you employ such a person??? There are so many people who would benefit from this position that would be nice to customers coming in to do business. Really…. it’s an easy fix and you might just get more business and certainly a better reputation. What I witnessed today was absolutely disgusting!

I went the Amherst UPS, like I have in the past. Dreading going in there because I’ve always had terrible customer service from Paul. I had a simple Amazon return. Like others, showed my phone that had the code. He scanned and said you can leave now. I’m not going there anymore. I travel a bit further to not have to be treated like that

I have never had a positive experience here. I usually take Amazon returns here (and now there seem to be no other free return options besides taking them to a UPS store for drop off). The only employee I’ve encountered is extremely inefficient as well as lacking basic customer service skills. I understand that handling Amazon returns is irritating, but that’s no excuse to take extra time. He only seems to be friendly with a couple people (mostly older men).

I just went to this store today to ship a package internationally, and Paul was very helpful and patient explaining every option I have to save some money. I felt valued as a customer. I would recommend this store for any shipping needs you have.

Obviously the shipping supplies are expensive, as are fax services, however I have always found the staff to be pleasant and helpful, and I continue to go there for my shipping needs. I would have no qualms about recommending to a friend or family member. I have been to this store approximately 20 times over the past 3 years or so, so a fairly large sample size.

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